Flash Card Wild Animals - Pack of 12 Cards 31x22.5cms


These flash cards have the pictures which are real, which make it easy for children to relate to.

Also we advise buying 2 sets for your little one, where initially matching activity can be done by the child and later the child can match the picture with its name. Where as the other set works as a control set so that the child can self correct himself.

Kiddies, learn with fun series is an easy way to introduce kids to the world of Wild Animals through visuals.

Hard bound laminated cards with original pictures on the subject is a visual treat.

Ideal for School, Play House & Home 

Pinnable hard-bound lamination cards: tear proof, water proof and washable

easy to convert - spiral bound book, table mats...

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Pack Contains 12 Flash Cards as follow of Size 31x22.5cm each.

1. Bear; 2. Cheetah; 3. Chimpanzee; 4. Deer; 5. Elephant; 6. Fox; 7. Giraffe; 8. Hippopotamus; 9. Lion; 10. Rhino; 11. Tiger; 12. Zebra 

Wild Animals
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