Return Policy

1.   What items can be returned?


Once an item is purchased you have to check whether the item purchased is returnable or not?

Items which are returnable:

·                  Received in a damaged/defective state

·                  Received different product then the ordered one

·                  Received with missing part or accessories

Products marked as "non-returnable" on the product detail page cannot be returned and in addition following, items which shall not be returnable:


·                 All Eatable having expiry date

·                 Goods physically damaged

·                 If the goods are used or consumed partially or fully

·                 Goods purchased in discounted sale or bulk purchase discounted rate


2.   Time limit to return item purchased?

If you have received a returnable item, which is damaged or is item different from what you had originally ordered, you can return the item same within 7 days but for that an intimation can be given with 48 hours on email id from the receipt of the material at your end.


3.   How to return an item purchased online?

If you are eligible for pick up option of a returnable product authorized person from Shree Mahavir Mart/courier representative will pick the item you wish to return from the address where the item was delivered for which you have to give an intimation for your intention to return on However, if you are not eligible for pick up option, a self return option will be given within 7 days from the date of intimation of your intention to return the product. The item(s) or product(s) shall be delivered at the address shown in the invoice. If you do not place return request within 48 hours by an email then the product will not be accepted by us even in 7 days of the delivery and within 48 hours from the delivery time the sale shall be complete and final in respect of the returnable goods and once the order is placed and paid online for the product shall be considered as sold in respect of undeliverable items.


4.   How you will get the money after the product is returned?

We will get back to you in 7 business days to redress your request and we may deal the refund request in following manners:

·        Accept your return request and offer a refund –

If you have returned an item in the same condition in which it was received, then we will issue you a full refund and the money will be paid in your bank account registered with us and if there is no facility the same shall be paid by an account payee cheque in the name of customer after deducting the charges as per the scheme of refund. If the item is damaged by you then at our discretion we shall deduct the charges and sanction the balance amount of refund as stated here in above. 


·        Offer you a replacement or an exchange –

If received the item other than the item ordered then on such intimation within 7 business working days we shall arrange for the product originally ordered if it is in stock and the item is not in stock the money shall be returned back. If you do not want to purchase any other item against the credit of the money of the items refunded then the money shall be refunded within 7 business working days to you.

·        Send you a message or email about the item return.

We may ask you for some more details about your return request or exchange request and the time taken by you by you in responding to this email or sms shall not be considering as 7 business days working time for treating your request.


5.   How to check an open return request?

To check progress of your open return request you can locate the item from “your orders” and select check your return/refund status or you may email to know the status of your return request on

6.   How to get your refund?

Once we or vendor receive the item back from you, your refund will be processed within 7 business days via original payment method and in case of cash on delivery/pay on delivery method you will have to provide us with bank details in which you wish to receive your refund amount back and we will arrange to transfer the fund by NEFT or by issue of cheque at your registered address available with us. When your refund is processed, you will receive an email from us to intimate about the same. If you paid with a credit card, it may take up to 30 business days to process, depending on your card service provider response time.

7.   Seller Return Policy

When you order from a Vendor that fulfills and ships its own inventory (also called a third party seller), your return is sent back to the Vendor instead of us. While most vendors offer a returns policy equivalent to us, some vendor return policies may vary. You can view the return policy of the seller before you purchase an item by viewing the Returns and Refunds Policy section of the vendor profile page.


In case of self return option vendor will provide a return address or offer a full refund without requesting the item be returned and if there is no such policy of vendor the above referred policy will be adhered to.